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How the position of your monitor affects your upper body

The number one cause of lower neck pain is monitor position There are a few simple things that we can do to prevent the dull aches and pressure on your upper body. Positioning yo...

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Creating space in your office

Improving your office space could not be more efficient or easier. If you are expanding your team or simply need space to grow, or you’re looking for the ideal solution for home working, w...

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Sit & Stand Desking

Are you sitting comfortably? Sit & Stand computer workstations are the latest innovation in the world of desk design, combining ergonomic form with considerable style. The ergonomic a...

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Anti-Tilt Chairs

Don't Lean Back - DLB - The ultimate chair for the education market Did you know children sit on school chairs for over 800 hours per year? The new Max II chair encompasses everything you...

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Frövi Block

Smooth flowing multiple tables with the Frövi Block system. Build any length table by combining multiple segments. Create your desired length by adding any combination of different or e...

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Project Management

Free advice & consultancy Whatever your project, however large or small, our friendly and specialised team are happy to offer advice on space planning, interior design and give recommendatio...

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