Single lever technologyErgonomic design for improved performance
Variety of adjustable optionsTension control
Durable build materialsComprehensive lumbar coverage and support
Optional headrestsExtended component warranty
Weight balancing mechanismRemoveable 3D multifunctional armrests
Environmentally responsible designFree delivery available as well as installation


When kitting-out workspaces, the office chair is an often overlooked final purchase. It is however essential to the wellbeing, satisfaction and performance of workers.

Employees are all different shapes and sizes, yet most computer chairs only suit a small proportion of us. An incorrect seating position due to an inflexible chair leads to both short-term discomfort and long-term musculoskeletal issues. Seating needs to adjustable in order to cater to a wider demographic. It also needs to be supportive and durable, surviving years of constant use. The manufacturer, Comfort, has recognised this and has invented a solution.

The Comfort chair range is a scientifically advanced task chair designed to improve employee wellbeing and performance. It is based off the dentist’s chair and has been optimised for use in the office, call-centre, co-working space, or in the home. The mesh back and seat are supportive over long periods of use and ensure the user’s comfort. This added care and detail within the design helps to reduce stress on the body and therefore absenteeism.

The principal feature is their unique patented single lever mechanism. This revolutionary piece of tech provides simple adjustments from one location. It is invaluable for the fast-paced modern office, the majority of changes able to be achieved while the chair’s in use. The easy to use lever operates seat height, depth and back tilt.

Most models also have a tension control mechanism. This automatically adjusts the chairs features to suit the user’s weight; great for multiple users and staff changeover. Ergonomically beneficial to all users, each model within the Comfort range can also include a headrest for added support.

Combining style, comfort and ergonomics into a user-friendly design, the Comfort have built up an excellent collection. Their successfulness can be seen in their case reviews, Comfort featured in company offices such as Huawei, Coca-Cola, BP and Ford.

Enjoy Range

Sharing many features with the most advanced models, the Enjoy range offers full 8-hour comfort. Each product is designed to endure busy work environments, with an excellent build quality and hard-wearing castors. Suitable for all floor types, the Enjoy provides maximum stability to a free-flowing work-style.

Suitable for person’s weighing up to 150kg, the Enjoy Elite is a comfortable executive option. It has a waterfall seat with pressure reduction to ease user’s thighs Adjust all settings via the extended single lever mechanism while on-the-go. A polished aluminium five-star base with 60mm nylon castors is ideal for any workspace.

A Project Enjoy model is available which is a more affordable model with less features. Good for large property fittings on a budget, the product is beautiful in its simplicity. Its breathable mesh and integrated lumbar support keeps employees happy and healthy. Don’t compromise on design or comfort with the competitive Project Enjoy variant.

Ergohuman Range

Boasting the best features and the most advanced design, the Ergohuman Elite is at the peak of the task chair market. It has a twin pivot mechanism offers more movement and constant support throughout the whole working day. The Ergohuman’s superior ergonomic shape aids blood circulation and awareness for improved productivity.

The model has a 98% recyclability with Greenguard Gold Certification, ensuring its is environmentally responsible. The aluminium detailing and contoured panels are attractive. The armrests adjust to allow forearms to rest comfortably no matter the user’s size. Lock the seat upright for posture assist while typing or unlock and lean back to take phone calls. This flexibility reduces pressure on the body and benefits a free-flowing workstyle. For an elite fit, it is hard to look beyond the Comfort Ergohuman.

Mirus Range

The Mirus provides exceptional benefit to the upper and lower back. With the most up-to-date lumbar system, the chair encourages maintaining a healthy posture. The Mirus utilises the bespoke single lever control for user-friendly set-up. Style, support and simplicity help make the Mirus a market-leading chair.

Adjust the seat height, depth and back tilt with the single lever. Find your unique optimal position while the chair guarantees support for your spine. The minimal style is ideal for every working environment. Its dual spring technology allows the model intuitively tailor to your preferred degree of recline. Optional headrest and angle adjustments are available. The tension control locks back tilt, offering a stable resting position perfect for the home or a casual feel. Consider a notebook stand or leg-rest to create your unique seating solution.

For the best in ergonomics and style, look no further than the Comfort collection. Which ever aesthetic you prefer, Office Furniture Direct has an option for you. Call us on 01480 277334.

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Steve Suddick
14 March 2020 16:45

Comfort Mirus Mesh without Headrest

the chair is perfect, already using the chair in work and it was that good a purchased the same mode for use at home : )

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I already used the chair in work and because it is that good I purchased one for home, so I am a happy worker in the office and at home : )

Thank you for the great review. We are pleased you are happy with the chair, so much so you have bought two, one for the workplace and one for the home office. Please contact us if you require any futher assistance.