Orangebox Chairs - Custom Build Collection

Design your own unique office chair. Orangebox, specialists in chair ergonomics, allow customers to select the optional features and add-ons to create their desired model. Tailored models arrive fully assembled within 6 weeks.

Office Furniture Direct feature a range of chair designs which spans Orangebox’s full collection originating in 2002. Including some of the most well-reviewed models on the market, Orangebox task chairs offer modern fabrics and functions. They have helped to raise the expected standard of the average work chair, forefronting user wellbeing. Orangebox’s smartworking philosophy is evident in both the design and manufacture of each chair. They show an advanced environmental responsibility and excellent durability. Perfect for all work environments, Orangebox chairs serve as a great example of a company’s aims, aspirations and responsibilities.

The Do Chair

Intelligent, innovative, iconic. The Do chair is at the forefront of modern office furniture design.

The adjustable features on the Do allow it to be tailored to the user. It materials are durable and long-lasting. The chair will maintain its ergonmically advanced shape after years of use. Every inch of the Do has been designed to benefit wellbeing. Focal points of Orangebox's Smartworking philosophy, wellbeing and cooperation are vital to a productive work space. The Do chair can be purchased with or without arms. Arms have gel-filled padding and match the frame colour. Choose a fabric colour which suits your style. The Do chair is environmentally responsible with recyclable components and a minimised carbon footprint. Orangebox locally source their materials, creating a fresh yet simple modern model.

The Joy Chair

Bring Joy into your work setting. The popular task chair has a plethora of user friendly features and positive reviews.

The hassel-free office chair for every setting, Joy comes pre-assembled and ready to go. The ergonomically designed back is comfortable and supports a healthy posture. Ideal for meeting rooms and large offices, the Joy chair is competitively priced and available in a cantilever varient. Both the visitor and task chair can be customised by choosing your prefered colour. Upholding Orangebox's Smartworking model, the Joy design is future-focussed. Environmentally responisble and long-lasting, the Joy range has helped to redefine a seemingly saturated market.

The Joy Visitor Chair

Meet your visitors with Joy. The stylsh cantilever chair is comfortable and durable, suitable for any size user.

The stress-free meeting room chair, Joy comes pre-assembled and ready to go. The ergonomically designed seat supports a healthy posture, aiding blood flow around the body. Purchaseable in bulk orders, the Joy chair is competitively priced and available in a task office chair varient. Both the visitor and task chair can be customised by choosing your prefered colour. Following Orangebox's Smartworking philosophy, the Joy design is future-focussed. Environmentally responisble and durable, the Joy range is ideal for successful work places.

The Workday chair

Dynamic and stylish, the Workday is the perfect utility chair.

Ideal for light work, receptions and meeting rooms, the Workday brings ergonomics and style to every area of the work place. The sister of the Do chair, Orangebox has built the Workday to support the needs of its consumer market. High quality mesh and robust frames offer durability. The cantilever leg style is popular in executive offices and manouverable. Customise your unit to match your office look, with a choice of black or white frames. The minimalist design is sleek and on trend, while also providing a superb level of comfort. Great for multiple environments, never be caught out by investing in the excellent Workday range.

The Eva Chair

The Eva task chair demonstrates comfort without complication.

Leading Orangebox’s new light touch task seating product line, the Eva pushes modern chair design. The designers are discovering how to get the most out of a minimal project. The component materials are responsive, making necessary adjustments itself to tailor to the user’s needs. Its supportive mesh back is very comfortable. This, and the aluminium trim, is available in a choice of colours. The mesh keeps the user’s spine upright and supports an ergonomically correct position. Most task chairs require a lumbar support mechanism however the Eva is naturally beneficial. Plus, they are 99% recyclable and are made of 50% recycled content. The Eva caters to a large demographic of office workers, responsively reacting to their size and stature. This quality makes it ideal for the popular height adjustable desks.

The Seren Chair

The Seren is a spearhead of Orangebox latest generation of office chair. Its design is simple, focussing on the fundamentals perfect, a well-rounded chair for any workplace. The Seren able to adapt to the needs of the user and their work environment.

The Seren range includes useful features which benefit its versatility. Orangebox understand that a task chair also needs to look great in the office. It includes a choice of colour for the fabric and back yoke. The Seren is a completely upholstered model, delivering a soft and stylish feel. The chair has exceptional environmental responsibility. Smart Design promotes material recovery and a local supply line. They’ve reviewed their economy and energy usage and have worked to improve their eco-effectiveness.

The Seren Cantilever Chair

The Seren-meeting chair is perfect for shared workspaces and reception areas. It is designed to suit any and all workspaces. Versatile and adaptive, the cantilever model of the Seren range is a great option to have around the office.

Features of the Seren-meeting chair include its supportive arm bars and resistant leg flex. Its moulded foam cushions offer comfort throughout the working day. The cantilever steel tube is attractive yet discreet, offering superior support. Expertly upholstered, the chair has a wide colour range.

This entry level chair is part of Orangebox’s push toward green design. They strive to get maximum value out of minimal materials. Simplifying the design has helped reduce energy usage without compromising the performance of the chair. The Seren range is easy to recycle after its long lifetime expectancy.

The Ara Chair

Change worker perspectives with Orangebox's award-winning design of a 98% recyclable work chair.

The chair prepared for the future. The Ara’s design and manufacturing process focused upon its overall environmental impact. Materials are bio-degradable or fully recyclable, completely developed in Europe. Its features are simplified to the maximum, offering a basic and user friendly seating solution. A superb option for large scale kit outs, the Ara chair is responsible and redefines worker perspectives.

Ara’s character and performance are enhanced with the inclusion of an elastomer membrane back panel. The rigid outer frame supports the membrane with a corrective ‘S’ shape. Its flexibility allows it to adjust automatically to the profile of the user’s back. The elastomer membrane accommodates different shapes and sizes and responds subtly to changes in your back profile as you perform different tasks. So whether you’re reaching forward to type, turning sideways to talk to a colleague or reclining while on the phone, you’ll always feel comfortable and supported.

A cradle-to-cradle design; renew perspectives with Ara.

The X10 Visitor Chair

Honest, classic and refreshing.

The X10 cantilever meeting chair is a direct response to a market saturated with over refined expensive products. The new innovation offers a level of design, engineering, finesse and user interface not previously available at this price point.

Understated and Budget-friendly, the Orangebox X10 cantilever chair is able to stack up to 5 high allowing for easy storage. Office Furniture Direct offer free delivery as standard through our 5 star reviewed service, available UK-wide.

Choose the most appropriate chair for your needs and never look back.

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