Teknik Chair Collection

Office Furniture Direct supply the full Teknik chair collection. The types of chair range from computer desk seating to canteen and meeting room chairs. Explore and choose the seat which suits your needs and style. Each Teknik chair is ergonomically designed, ideal for long workdays and promoting a healthy sitting position. Leather, fabric upholstery and mesh are available, suitable for professional environments.

Teknik Operator Chairs

Comfortable and universal. The operator chair is the neutral utility seat designed for the computer desk. Teknik have a variety available including multiple under-seat levers and leather variants. The Blaster model also includes the option of three different styles of adjustable arms. The Ergo model is also a great option; a supportive chair due to its curved backrest. The PU leather is stylish and professional, ideal for working environments.

A steel base variant is available. Operator chairs through Office Furniture Direct come with fast and free delivery to all four corners of the UK. Self-assembly or a ground floor delivery service is available.

Teknik Task Chairs

Teknik’s task chairs mainly feature a aerated comfortable mesh. Durable and supportive, the chairs are scratch and stain resistant. Ideal for busy offices, the chairs have a reclining function with tilt tension.

Height adjustable armrests are as standard as well as a range of lever-assisted functions. The Teknik Cobham chair is an ideal universal option and the Editor’s Choice from the Teknik chair collection.

Teknik Executive and Heavy Duty Chairs

Upholstered in genuine leather and available in a variety of colours, Teknik’s leather chair collection is suitable for home and office use. Executive chairs offer an impressive look, perfect for managers and directors.

Heavy Duty options offer extra space and comfort. The plush cushions are relaxing and many styles are available. They can hold a larger capacity and are perfect for home offices. Teknik Lumbar Massage Chair is a breakthrough solution, blending both professionalism and functionality. Its remote control massage setting is an excellent experience.

Teknik Cantilever, Conference, Reception and Bistro Chairs

Suitable for a range of professional settings, the Teknik collection’s sub-divisions are diverse and unique. The benefits to breakout areas and partitioned offices are researched and Teknik supplies the furniture to facilitate. Chairs are durable and some are stackable, great for storage and occasional use.

Cantilever style chairs are very popular and modern. They remain stable whilst providing a comfortable sitting position. Each of Teknik’s variants – conference chairs, reception chairs, bistro chairs - are stable and protected under warranty.

Teknik High Chairs and Stools

Perfect for a heightened sitting position, artistic work and freedom of movement. Teknik’s high stool collection has a large range of adjustability. They have a single under-seat lever control which is easy to access. The seats can be leather or fabric upholstery and are exceptionally comfortable.

Teknik stools provide a spacious work style and great for fast-paced working environments. The Perch stool, similar to a saddle design, is very on trend and deliver a healthy seating solution.

Teknik Soft Seating

Teknik armchairs and Teknik sofa are comfortable and offer a deep relaxed sitting position. Made from genuine leather, the chair are stain and scratch resistant. An ideal solution for receptions and meeting rooms, Teknik soft seating upholds a professional and comfortably formal aesthetic.

Product downloads

Bistro Deluxe Product Parts

File Size: 218.47 KB

Breakout Assembly Instructions

File Size: 643.08 KB

Breakout Product Parts

File Size: 223.96 KB

Breakout Specification

File Size: 330.94 KB

Breeze Assembly Instructions

File Size: 250.69 KB

Breeze Products part

File Size: 140.58 KB

Breeze Specification

File Size: 311.27 KB

Cafe Assembly Instructions

File Size: 217.90 KB

Cafe Product Parts

File Size: 67.29 KB

Cafe Specification

File Size: 196.03 KB

Chairman Assembly Instructions

File Size: 495.10 KB

Chairman Noir Specification

File Size: 351.06 KB

Chairman Product Parts

File Size: 81.89 KB

Chairman Specification

File Size: 295.88 KB

Clarity Specification

File Size: 173.19 KB

Cobham Product Parts

File Size: 80.54 KB

Cobham Specifications

File Size: 481.19 KB

Conference Product Parts

File Size: 69.61 KB

Conference Specification

File Size: 336.89 KB

Curve Assembly Instructions

File Size: 77.41 KB

Curve Product Parts

File Size: 79.10 KB

Curve Specification

File Size: 426.56 KB

Deco Assembly Instructions

File Size: 285.28 KB

Deco Product Parts

File Size: 72.64 KB

Deco Specification

File Size: 307.40 KB

Deco Visitor Specification

File Size: 260.40 KB

Deco Vistor Product Parts

File Size: 69.85 KB

Elegance High Product Parts

File Size: 140.96 KB

Elegance High Specification

File Size: 274.63 KB

Elegance Medium Product Parts

File Size: 141.10 KB

Elegance Medium Specification

File Size: 284.84 KB

Ergo Blaster PU Specification

File Size: 213.67 KB

Ergo Blaster Specification

File Size: 236.97 KB

Ergo Bluster Product Parts

File Size: 72.04 KB

Ergo Comfort Air Product Parts

File Size: 136.64 KB

Ergo Comfort Air Specification

File Size: 299.92 KB

File Size: 36.83 KB

Ergo Comfort Product Parts

File Size: 74.11 KB

Ergo Comfort Specification

File Size: 446.86 KB

Ergo Trio Product Parts

File Size: 71.80 KB

Ergo Trio Specification

File Size: 283.65 KB

Ergo Twin Product Parts

File Size: 70.87 KB

Ergo Twin Specification

File Size: 310.01 KB

Ergo Visitor Product Parts

File Size: 322.42 KB

Gloucester Product Parts

File Size: 75.04 KB

Gloucester Specification

File Size: 228.03 KB

Goliath Assembly Instructions

File Size: 973.58 KB

Goliath Backrest Instructions

File Size: 334.57 KB

Goliath Duo Product Parts

File Size: 75.84 KB

Goliath Duo Specification

File Size: 289.03 KB

Goliath Product Parts

File Size: 74.33 KB

Goliath Specification

File Size: 259.79 KB

Greenwich Product Parts

File Size: 169.13 KB

Hendon Assembly Instructions

File Size: 100.03 KB

Hendon Product Parts

File Size: 82.11 KB

Hendon Specification

File Size: 308.11 KB

Hoxton Assembly Instructions

File Size: 470.42 KB

Hoxton Assembly Instructions

File Size: 480.49 KB

Hoxton Product Parts

File Size: 222.47 KB

Hoxton Product Parts

File Size: 77.37 KB

Hoxton Specification

File Size: 235.74 KB

Kendal Assembly Instructions

File Size: 275.10 KB

Kendal Product Parts

File Size: 72.46 KB

Kendal Specification

File Size: 253.87 KB

Labour Pro Product Parts

File Size: 70.48 KB

Labour Pro Specification

File Size: 35.41 KB

Loft Assembly Instructions

File Size: 217.90 KB

Loft Product Parts

File Size: 65.48 KB

Loft Specification

File Size: 209.80 KB

Lomard Assembly Instructions

File Size: 482.48 KB

Lomard Product Parts

File Size: 82.22 KB

Lombard Specification

File Size: 331.53 KB

Lumbar Massage Product Parts

File Size: 104.90 KB

Lumbar Massage Specification

File Size: 217.76 KB

Luxe Assembly Instructions

File Size: 116.55 KB

Luxe Product Parts

File Size: 79.54 KB

Luxe Specification

File Size: 320.96 KB

Newport Armchair Specification

File Size: 157.05 KB

Newport Sofa Specification

File Size: 179.29 KB

Nova Visitor Product Parts

File Size: 65.76 KB

Nova Visitor Specification

File Size: 362.84 KB

Perch Assembly Instructions

File Size: 104.76 KB

Perch Product Parts

File Size: 68.03 KB

Perch Specification

File Size: 32.77 KB

Polly Stool Product Parts

File Size: 65.24 KB

Polly Stool Specification

File Size: 207.60 KB

Portland Assembly Instructions

File Size: 273.72 KB

Portland Product Parts

File Size: 73.42 KB

Portland Specification

File Size: 244.10 KB

Portland User Guide

File Size: 80.58 KB

Practica Assembly Instructions

File Size: 707.35 KB

Practica Product Parts

File Size: 70.75 KB

Practica Specification

File Size: 224.44 KB

Rapide Assembly Instructions

File Size: 556.63 KB

Rapide Product Parts

File Size: 76.89 KB

Rapide Specification

File Size: 287.40 KB

Siesta Product Parts

File Size: 75.68 KB

Siesta Specification

File Size: 336.01 KB

Skyline Assembly Instructions

File Size: 265.24 KB

Skyline Product Parts

File Size: 79.36 KB

Skyline Specification

File Size: 233.19 KB

Star Mesh Product Parts

File Size: 78.53 KB

Star Mesh Specification

File Size: 421.14 KB

Tek Assembly Instructions

File Size: 111.75 KB

Tek Product Parts

File Size: 73.27 KB

Tek Specification

File Size: 185.84 KB

Tek Stool Specification

File Size: 182.50 KB

Titan Assembly Instructions

File Size: 643.90 KB

Titan Mechanism

File Size: 91.53 KB

Titan Product Parts

File Size: 79.79 KB

Titan Specification

File Size: 319.85 KB

Tub Chair Specification

File Size: 199.38 KB

Warwick Noir Specification

File Size: 292.73 KB

Warwick Product Parts

File Size: 142.62 KB

Warwick Specification

File Size: 328.33 KB

Windsor Assembly Instrutions

File Size: 443.40 KB

Windsor Product Parts

File Size: 82.32 KB

Windsor Specification

File Size: 280.68 KB

Work Chair Product Parts

File Size: 135.93 KB

Work Chair Specification

File Size: 346.77 KB

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Customer reviews


Sara Roberts
3 January 2020 11:44

Teknik Kneeling Stool Wood

Excellent kneeling desk chair, very comfortable and easy to use, definitely helps improve posture when sat at a desk for a long time.

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Excellent service, good value for money, very efficient delivery, lovely product - looks great and is very comfortable.

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such wonderful feedback of both our service and efficient delivery.


Andy Green
21 October 2019 07:13

Teknik Curve Chair

Jordan was great very easy

View product

Jordan was extremely helpful He check my order was all OK and aloud me to picking up from the warehouse

Thank you very much for the really fantastic feedback of our service, it is very much appreciated.


Trusted Customer
1 September 2019 07:14

Teknik Titan Chair

Solid chair. Wide cushion. Well padded. Very comfortable. Suitable up to for 27 stone user. Overall very pleased. However, mine didn’t ship with assembly instructions, but it was reasonably easy to figure out.

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Fast shipping.

Thank you very much for the fantastic feedback.

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