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February 25, 2022 Will

Choosing a office or home safe is essential, but making sure that you have guaranteed protection and cover on cash and valuables is rare to find. Our Phoenix range has a valuable cover of £10,000 and a cash cover of £1,000. A home office safe is crucial for protection for possessions that need to be stored securely. Deciding the right one for you will always depend on different factors, you will need to consider the level of security required, access & location, particular features needed, and the requisite capacity.

The safes we offer here at Office Furniture Direct are suitable for offices as well as your home, as the popularity of homeowners buying safes to keep their personal belongings preserved. Many reports have been published explaining the rise of cheap home and office safes being bought and not protecting possessions which led to no guarantees and an overall loss of money and personal items. When buying, whether for your office or home, purchasing from a trusted manufacturer that conforms to recognised industry standards, and promises guarantees if misfortune was to occur.

Level of security:

  • £1K cash rating = £1,000 cash cover or £10,000 valuables cover
  • £2K cash rating = £2,000 cash cover or £20,000 valuables cover
  • £3K cash rating = £3,000 cash cover or £30,000 valuables cover
  • £4K cash rating = £4,000 cash cover or £40,000 valuables cover
  • £5K cash rating = £5,000 cash cover or £50,000 valuables cover

Before buying, finding the size should be the very first step you need to complete. Our range comes in unique sizes, make sure you have an idea of the location the safe will be installed and find out the dimensions. In addition to location, discovering the possessions that you propose to protect should also be a priority, this will give you a much clearer understanding of the size of the safe you will be purchasing.

There are a number of specialist lock choices available, from the combination, dial to key locks, all that matters is how comfortable and secure you are with access to your safe and keeping it protected. The differences between the locks can be down to whether or not batteries are required. Ultimately, it is effortless to change the pin code with an electronic lock, whereas a combination lock needs professional services. At Office Furniture Direct, our range are fitted with an advanced 'user-friendly' electronic lock, built-in with high-security anti-tamper or a bounce solenoid locking system. But for added security and peace of mind, our Phoenix range is fitted with extra keys.

While browsing, you will discover various types, as a result, each safe type is designed to cater to a specific set of needs. Determining the value of items you're protecting, will vary the type is required.

Here are some questions to take into account before buying a safe:

What do you need to secure?

Writing down a list of your possessions that you know will most definitely be going into your safe can help decide the size and your budget.

What do you need protection from?

The main two reasons that people purchase a heavy-duty safe is to protect important documents and valuables from fire and theft. Each of the products we stock guarantees to protect contents from fire damage up to 300 degrees. We all know that no safe in the world is 100% guaranteed to be completely theft-proof, however, if secured well, they would need some serious equipment to be able to get in and would make a lot of noise doing so.

How much storage space do you need inside the safe?

This will mainly depend on what you intend to store in the safe. A good idea is to get all of the items together that you would want to store in your fireproof safe and put them all in a box to see how big the box is. We then suggest that you get a larger safe so that if you think of anything extra to add, you have the option to do so.

Where will your safe be located and can it be easily installed?

Will you be putting your safe on the floor? Do you need regular access? Depending on what is being stored inside, and where you're locating it, make sure that there is enough room to open a door or a cupboard to access inside. Did you know that over time a safe can loosen the fixings if it is rocked about from where it has been installed. So when installing, locating the safe against two walls would prevent rocking.

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