Height Adjustable Desks FAQs

Is standing better for your health?

Not necessarily, standing throughout working periods has shown many similar health issues and alternative concerns such as knee and foot pain. The now recommended working posture is positional change – trying to incorporate movement through the day. For workers who sit for extended periods, it is widely recognised they should stand and move around for a short time at least twice an hour; this is to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and chronic pain.

Adjustable tables allow for a quick rotation between different posture whenever appropriate. If used regularly, this can improve the health and happiness of a workforce.

Why adjustable desks make employees more productive?

Sitting is relaxing, standing is doing.

Standing is shown to improve blood flow and mental activity as we naturally associate it with a more practical temperament. Standing encourages us to get involved with our colleagues, ask them for help and speeds-up our decision making.

But sitting is also good. Sitting is satisfactory and allows us to spend more time being creative. It helps us produce high quality results and not burn out. Sitting allows us to focus more on our work and break-away, especially helpful if you have difficulty getting in and out of work, helping us not burn-out.

Optimise performance, transition as often as you prefer with an electric adjustable desk.

Can I set the height to the level I want or is it pre-set?

You can set the height of the desk to how high or low you need it. The program will remember the specific measurement you’ve favourited, these can then be recalled easily to allow you to move between heights.

Having the ability to pre-set four heights is great for quickly varying between sitting, perching and standing postures. It is also useful when sharing the desk between couples or multiple workers who like to work at different heights. Increase productivity and comfort by optimising your working position.

Is an adjustable desk stable?

Yes, the ergonomic design of the desk keeps it stable no matter the height setting. The anti-rock floor levellers keep the feet secure and the steel telescopic frame is durable and unbending. The twin motors keep the top level and

Are they easy to assemble?

Assembly and installation is quick and user friendly. The desk comes with an instruction guide and the fixings required. For any questions on installation and optional fittings please contact us, Office Furniture Direct, on 01480 220311.

What are the benefits of adjustable furniture?

Suitable for taller or smaller people, such as over 6’4 or under 5’4, adjustable desks are great for shared workstations. The electric adjustable desk does not require disassembly to adjust the height, keeping your devices safe and accessible.

Adjustable desks are recognised to reduce headaches by aiding positional change and improve concentration. Regular movement throughout the working day burns calories and reduces weight gain - a serious issue permeating sitting for a long time.

There are many benefits drawn from implementing adjustable desks in your workspace; more than furniture, it is a Lifestyle investment.

Which is better Manual hand-crank desks or Electric adjustable desks?

Office Furniture Direct’s adjustable desks incorporate twin electric motors which can alter the height of the desk accurately, quickly and smoothly. Electric motors are far easier than manual cranks as they require no physical ability and remain permanently stable. Manual desks are known to be unstable under heavy loads and have difficulties transitioning, whereas electric desks are more popular and reliable, easily able to transition between heights while you work,

Manually operated hand-crank desks are cheaper, however it is widely noted the electric desk’s ease of use proves worth the extra spend. The simplicity and speed of changing between heights ultimately means the electric desk is more likely to transition throughout the day and therefore benefit workers, compared to the effort required of manual desks.

What adjustable desk options are available?

Multiple options are available allowing you to specify your preferred leg colour and wood finish. Our adjustable desks can come with an optional cable port; the cable port helps to keep the workspace clutter free and organise electrical connections

We also supply various accessories:

  • CPU holders provide safe storage and accessibility
  • Monitor arms support a more ergonomic working posture and are perfect for adjusting the screen to suit any desk height
  • Divider screens provide the ability to organise your notes and a quality of privacy.  

Office Furniture Direct has available a range of office accessories perfect for use alongside height adjustable desks. Call us on 01480 220311 for more information and an answer to your questions.