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Home Office Furniture

Browse from a wide range of some of the best priced home office furniture products available on the market. With free delivery, great prices, and excellent warranties on all products, we'll have everything you need to find your perfect model.

Office Furniture Direct offer a range of high quality, modern home office furniture with free delivery. We stock everything you need to make your space, no matter how big or small, into a comfortable, effective, and productive home office. Whether you already have a home office, are looking to convert an existing room into one or are looking to make a little office space in a corner of a room, we have something that will suit everyone. From desks to drawers, chairs to monitor arms, we have a wide selection of products to help you to create an office space that works for you.

With more and more of us are working from home, whether through choice, circumstance or most recently, a pandemic, we have found that there is an arising need for home offices to be set. Sometimes a direct reflection of their usual office setup is required whereas other times people want the office setup to match their home. Most people have found that having a home office can be just as productive and effective as working from the office, if not more, as long as it has been setup effectively with the right office furniture.

As we know, most offices will already be stocked with everything you need to do your job such as an office desk, and office chairs, monitor arms etc. However, if you are just creating your first home office, you really are starting from scratch and have many different products to consider. Staying happy, healthy, and productive when working from home requires great home office furniture.

home office furniture

Home Office Desks

Our home office desks are suitable for any room in the home, providing both a practical and stylish home office solution. They use sustainably sourced materials which offers an attractive look and feel with a natural wood finish. Whether you want a desk with drawers, a fold down desk attached to the wall, or a corner desk made from oak, our selectin of products is second to none. All our products can be delivered free, to anywhere in the UK mainland with installation optional.

Home Office Chairs

If you’re looking for the best home office chairs, then look no further. With these being one of the most important purchases you will make for your home office, it is important to get one that ensures you maintain the correct body posture for long periods of time. Our home office chairs are comfortable and include a range of adjustable features. A good example would be our ergonomic chairs that look after your posture with back support, arm rests and adjustable height and is the best solution for effective remote working. Whether you work at home once a week for a few hours or for long hours into the evening, our home office chairs will be there providing you comfort and support you deserve.

furniture for home offices
home office

Computer Chairs

We offer a wide range of computer chairs that are perfect for both your home office and your business premises. We have a huge selection available and you’ll find a choice of colours, features such as height adjustment and lumbar support, as well as a choice of materials including leather, mesh, and fabric.

Computer Desks

If you are looking for a computer desk, then we have a range available that have been created to hold laptops or PC’s along with printers and cable management features. Computers need a certain kind of setup so a PC desk must be able to facilitate multiple items that can be arranged in many ways depending on the users’ preferences. These models give you all the space you need to hold monitors, towers, printers, keyboards and more keeping other areas of the home clutter free.

home office equipment


A variety of shelving solutions for within the home and office which includes freestanding units with shelves as well as individual shelves. With a huge number of styles, sizes, colours, materials to choose from, you’re sure to find the ideal shelf system.

Home Office Filing Cabinets

Usually found in offices, with more and more time spent working from home we are finding that people are needing to find space to store documents. As such, new filing cabinets have been designed to function as they do in the office but look like they belong in the home. We have many for you to browse through and we’re sure that you’ll find one to suit the current décor of your home.


If you’re anything likes us, you’ll have hundreds, if not thousands of books in your home and as your library continues to grow, so does the need for somewhere to store them so that they stay neat and tidy and in good condition. Well don’t worry as we’ve got hundreds in stock. Whether you want one shelf or five, black, white, or grey, tall, or small, we have plenty for you to enjoy.

Gaming Desks & Gaming Chairs

For those who are into gaming there is nothing like having the perfect setup. The more comfortable you are, the more you can forget about your surroundings and immerse yourself fully into your gaming experience. With plenty of options to choose from and free delivery, you could have the ideal setup in no time at all.

Hide Away Computer Desks

With the transition into working from home, not every either has the space to accommodate a work desk or they don’t want a workspace that is always visible. This is where hide away desks are ideal as once you have finished working on them, they either fold up to be put away or slide and slot into another position to look like a completely different type of furniture.

Wall Mounted Folding Desks

When space is at a premium and you need to work from home or have a quiet place to study, wall mounted desks are an excellent solution. Made to look like a cabinet, certain sections pull down and transforms into an office desk which is suitable for laptop work.

Heated Desks

Another issue that has arisen from the work from home phenomenon is the extra costs of heating your home all day long. With energy prices soaring the last thing anyone wants is to do is add more to their bills. Heated desks are a great option as the heat the space where you are working so you don’t have to heat the whole home just to keep warm whilst working.

Desk Chairs

A wide selection of office chairs for all types of desks. From ergonomic to heavy duty models and everything in between all with a choice of colours, sizes, materials, and accessories.

Ladder Desks

Perfect for the home environment, ladder desks combine a workspace and a shelving system to give you home office furniture that offers versatility. You can use the workspace for completing work tasks and decorate the shelves with home accessories to blend in with its surroundings.

Gloss Desks

Gloss or high gloss desks have a bright, shiny finish which helps to keep them looking modern and new. Available in a range of colours and sizes, this trend is to stay for the foreseeable future.

Garage & Workshop Shelving

If you’re running out of space in the house, you can always revert to the garage to store things and our range of garage and workshop shelving makes accessing stored items all the easier. With plenty of sizes and shelf option to choose from, you’ll soon have your garage or workshop looking spic and span.


For all those tools and hardware that needs a place to live, we offer a variety of toolboxes and storage boxes for you to keep all your bits neat and tidy. With a range of layers and compartments, these can be used for anything from screws and nails to craft materials.

Desk Lamps

Working from home can often see you working until late into the evening or early in the morning and rather than putting the lights on, a desk lamp in the area you are working may work better for you. We have a large range in stock in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours so we’re sure you’ll find one to match your workspace.

Desk Monitor Arms

One screen on a desk can take up plenty of space and when you have multiple monitors, you are losing more and more space. Using monitor arms can give you all of that space back as they simply clamp or screw on to the back of your desk where attach to your monitor, freeing up all that space. Not only do they save you space, but they also help you to maintain a correct posture by ensuring that your screen is placed at the correct height. Whether you have one screen or four, we have models to suit your requirements.

Craft Furniture

Craft furniture is perfect for those who spend a lot of time doing arts and crafts. Designed specifically for crafts, they have drawers, shelves, hooks, pin boards, and cupboards for you to store all your materials in an organised fashion allowing you to find what you need when you need it.

Full Home Office Setup Bundles

If you are about to create a new home office or need one set up in a flash, why not talk to us about bundle deals? They have everything you need to get setup in a jiffy. You can choose from bundles that contain just a desk and chair, or kits that contain everything including chair, desk, storage and more.

Delivery Times

Delivery times for our products vary depending on which range you are purchasing. Each range and individual product state their estimated delivery time during checkout. We deliver to most UK locations with free delivery as standard. To discuss delivery details, call us on 01480 220311. We also offer an optional nationwide installation service. This is a completely optional service where if you choose to make use of it, our fully trained installers will install the furniture in the locations that you choose as well as disposing of any packaging in an environmentally friendly manner.

Why Use Us?

Office Furniture Direct have been supplying quality office furniture to offices throughout the UK for over 15 years. We have developed a reputation for offering quality goods and excellent prices. We always have a wide range for you to choose from and always give the best warranties on the market. We aim to provide excellent customer service and ensure that our customers get the products they require at the time they need them in the place where they are needed. If you need any help at all with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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