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We have hand selected the most popular and well reviewed home office furniture available on the market to help you browse from a wide range of some of the best priced home office furniture online with free delivery on all products.

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Nowadays, more and more of us are working from home. Whether this is through choice, circumstances or most recently, a pandemic, we have found that there is an arising need for home offices to be set up in a manner that is reflective of their usual office setup. Most people have found that having a home office can be just as productive and effective as working from the office, if not more, if the home office has been setup effectively with the right equipment and home office furniture.

As we know, most offices will already be stocked with everything you need to do your job such as an office desk, and office chairs, monitor arms etc. However, if you are just creating your first home office, you really are starting from scratch and have many different products to consider. Staying happy, healthy, and productive when working from home requires great ergonomic furniture.

Home Office Desks

Our home office desks are suitable for any room in the home, providing both a practical and stylish home office solution. They use sustainably sourced materials which offers an attractive look and feel with a natural wood finish. Whether you want a desk with drawers, a fold down desk attached to the wall, or a corner desk made from oak, our selectin of products is second to none. All our products can be delivered free, to anywhere in the UK mainland with installation optional.

If you are looking for a computer desk, then we have a range available that have been created to hold laptops or PC’s along with printers and cable management features. Computers need a certain kind of setup so a PC desk has to be able to facilitate multiple items that can be arranged in many different ways depending on the users preferences. These models give you all the space you need to hold monitors, towers, printers, keyboards and more keeping other areas of the home clutter free.

As we are all a lot more aware of security and sensitive data, we also have a range of lockable filing cabinets to save you keeping them on your desk. We have metal filing cabinets and wooden filing cabinets in a range of sizes and styles.

Home Office Chairs

If you’re looking for the best home office chairs then look no further. With these being one of the most important purchases you will make for your home office, it is important to get one that ensures you maintain the correct body posture for long periods of time. Our home office chairs are comfortable and include a range of adjustable features. A good example would be our ergonomic chairs that look after your posture with back support, arm rests and adjustable height and is the best solution for effective remote working. Whether you work at home once a week for a few hours or for long hours into the evening, our home office chairs will be there providing you comfort and support you deserve.

Desk Monitor Arms

To optimise the space on your home office desk, make use of monitor arms. These simply clamp or screw on to the back of your desk and attach to your monitor. Not only do they save you space, but they also help you to maintain a correct posture by ensuring that your screen is placed at the correct height. Whether you have one screen or four, we have the solutions needed to solve requirements.

Computer Chairs

We offer a wide range of computer chairs that are perfect for both your home office and your business premises. Take a look at our range ofr the very best selction of computer chairs.

Office Furniture Direct offer a range of high quality, modern home office furniture with free delivery. We stock everything you need to make your space, no matter how big or small, into a comfortable, effective, and productive home office. Whether you already have a home office, are looking to convert an existing room into one or are looking to make a little office space in a corner of a room, we have something that will suit everyone. From desks to drawers, chairs to monitor arms, we have a wide selection of products to help you to create an office spaces that works for you.

Office Furniture Direct offers free delivery and next day delivery on all home office products. Delivery and installation are available to anywhere in the UK. If you need help with any of our products, simply call us on 01480 220311 and one of our friendly team will be there to assist you.

Full Home Office Setup Bundles

If you are about to create a new home office or need one set up in a flash, why not check out our bundle deals? They have everything you need to get setup in a jiffy. You can choose from bundles that contain just a desk and chair, or kits that contain everything including chair, desk, storage and more.

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