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June 13, 2019 Patrick

Office design in the 21st century is experiencing a revolution, and manufacturers like Orangebox are leading the charge.

The need for an online presence as well as the power shift from employer to employee has forced companies to improve their work spaces. The most popular offices are able to cater to different work styles, aid collaboration and incorporate an element of fun (such as Dr. Martens’ amp wall or Ovo Energy’s ‘living jungle’). Having the best office is not only used as a recruitment technique for attracting the best talent, but also as a bargaining chip in the war against the sedentary lifestyle.

More and more workers are able to perform their entire job role from a personal laptop. In the UK, over the decade between 2007 and 2017, the share of employees working online in front of a computer screen drastically increased from a 43% average nationwide to a 66% average. Workers are also spending more time on average within the office during this period. In the two years between 2016 and 2018, the average weekly working hours rose by 8 million hours for men; for women, 11.5 million hours.

“Where, why and how we work is changing at a phenomenal rate,” Notes Forbes. This, they posit, is directly linked to recent economic, social and technological change. They point out the growing cost pressure on organizations to reduce their property footprint. “One way is to reduce the space for each employee, but another option could be to provide employees with membership of co-working spaces,” Suggests the Forbes article. Companies so far to have taken this initiative include HSBC, Npower and a range of leading universities.

- HSBC offices in Sydney, picture by Orangebox (Above^). What3words offices in London, picture by Orangebox (Previous)

Sensing the need for innovation, Orangebox began designing products for the modern office in 2002. And following the launch of their Smartworking portfolio in 2010, they proved themselves trailblazers in the evolution of the collaborative workspace. Now, their label is globally recognised and their patrons range from Durham to Dubai to Detroit.

Present at the birth of the agile workplace, Orangebox can be considered the godfather of technology-friendly office design. They constantly review and reimagine their product line to help companies adjust to rapid changes in technology. Flexibility is possible because of their established foothold on the high-end market. And as a consequence, the originality of their new products inspires competitors, ultimately leading to a reinvention of the working landscape.

- Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Orangebox have taken an innovative approach to both their product design and supply line. The company aims to ‘meet the needs of 2020 and beyond’, professed in their most recent Smartworking brochure. The Smartworking philosophy is to deliver solutions for ‘connecting people not furniture’. This has involved: offering a pluralism of design choice, a diversity of function; striving to be environmentally responsible; balancing product lightness with durability as well as ensuring the long-term wellbeing of users. These focuses have been informed by Orangebox’s cutting-edge research, client projects and consumer outreach.

Being future-focussed in the modern age means taking steps to minimise environmental impact and ensure there is no risk of slavery or human trafficking. Orangebox are committed to working only with reputable suppliers. Their global supply line is localised to the UK by 70%. Their carbon footprint is minimal, the component materials are 98% recyclable and products are made from 21% recycled content. These steps have helped Orangebox achieve the Intertek Sustainability Clean Air Gold certificate.

- Photo by Washington State University Environmental Health and Safety Ergonomics

Sitting for long periods in a poor position poses a series of health risks; Orangebox have ergonomically designed their chairs to support a healthy posture. A corrective chair is proven to increase worker productivity and work quality by helping reduce long-term fatigue and discomfort. Orangebox often tour the country, lecturing executives on how to sit – many of whom have been practicing their whole lives.

During the design process, Orangebox employ advanced ergonomics. Their design and engineering team include qualified ergonomists who have helped improve the shape and functions of the product line. Working with Active Ergonomics, they offer a remote seat assessment which is a quick and cost-effective way of resolving health issues in the workplace.

Tackling the sedentary problem has pushed Orangebox to cater to alternative work styles. Branching out from their pedigree of task seating, Orangebox have invested their philosophy into the manufacture of their whole product line. The culmination of their full range is displayed at their Smartworking showrooms in London, Huddersfield and the UAE.

Their bespoke task chairs and alternative seats are manoeuvrable, durable and customisable. Each range features a contoured back panel and CHMR molded foam cushioning. These qualities ensure they remain comfortable throughout the day; designed to work for rather than against the user.

- Image licensed by Pixabay

Riding the waves of innovation brought forth by disruptive technologies and global markets, Orangebox is helping improve the everyday office climate.

Providing companies with the tools to succeed and thrive, manufacturers like Orangebox are and should be respected, noticed and valued.

Building an inspiring workplace that’s ahead of the curve has a wide range of benefits, including attracting and retaining energised employees. Hassle-free and ethically sound, purchasing an Orangebox product is the first step toward improving your wellbeing and your work. Smart.

- Orangebox range from Office Furniture Direct

Be it the iconic Do, the original Joy or the universal Workday; customise your collection to suit your company’s needs. Choose a fabric colour and bring together a furniture collection which represents the values of your company.

At Office Furniture Direct, we offer a delivery service free of charge for all products. Your Orangebox purchase will arrive pre-built within 14 days in fully recyclable packaging. Reinventing your workplace landscape has never been easier.

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