Monitor Arms FAQs

Will this fit my office desk?

There are two types of fixings that both come with the monitor arm stand. This allows for two options of installation, one being a clamp the second being a grommet fixing.

The clamp fixing is permitted for tables with a depth measurement between 13 and 44mm. The clamp uses a foam pad and applies pressure to hold the stand in place.

Alternatively you can fit the grommet base plate directly to the arm stand and screw the included plastic screw into the plate through the table. This option is ideal if there is already an available hole in the table, such as for cables or CPU access.

All our monitor arm products come with installation instruction for a user-friendly experience.

Can you move them up and down?

The monitor arms are fully extendable and retractable. They are 346mm in length each and allow full rotation. The arm attachments have a clip which holds them to the stand to allow for an adjustment in height. The stand is 400mm in height.

What is cable managed?

This means the monitor arms have clips which allow the easy collection of your excess cable, including those running from the CPU to the monitor. Cable management allows for a clutter-free workspace and a tidier office.

How many monitor arms can I fit to a stand?

Metalicon monitor arms can allow for a maximum of six arms to be attached to a stand. This allows for many multiple screens and also multiple users utilising one stand.

What are the health benefits of monitor arms?

Monitor arms are proven to encourage a correct seated posture, which helps the reduction of backache and muscle strain. Monitor arms allow the user to sit the recommended distance away from the monitor and also tilt the screen to the angle. This will help with reduced neck flexion and eye strain, resulting in less headaches and long-term sight loss.

Monitor arms are therefore observed to boost productivity as they help reduce the risk of work absentees and also visual aids help with typing efficient and mouse control. Monitor arms have excellent long and short term health benefits and are an excellent addition to a professional work environment.