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Our flat screen monitor arms not only support a healthier and more ergonomic working posture, but they also encourage a clutter-free workspace, which is a major benefit. Users are encouraged to adjust the height of the monitor so that it is at an appropriate level for them, as this helps to alleviate strain on the eyes and neck.

There is nothing quite like having a huge amount of workspace at your office desk; however, once you've added a monitor, or in most cases two, a keyboard, and a mouse, there isn't always much space left over for you to work with. When a situation like this arises, monitor arms are there to help. They free up space for you to work on your desk by attaching to the back edge of your desk and having the capacity to hold up to four monitors.

Because the monitor mounts are height adjustable, they can be positioned at your natural eye level without requiring you to bend forward or strain your neck while looking upwards. These mounts are available in one, two, and four monitor configurations, and not only do they make more room, but they also help users maintain good posture.

Our Range

Our selection of monitor arms is designed to work with displays that are equipped with VESA mounting brackets. While some of our products are designed to be clamp, bolt, or rail mounted, others may have a quick release or a plate that is detachable. Your choice of desk will be determined by the tasks you perform at it most frequently. For instance, if your desk is yours permanently and you don't switch monitors very often, you probably don't need a quick release model. Instead, you would be better served by a clamp or bolt model. On the other hand, if you are someone who is constantly on the move, a model with a quick release might be more suitable for you. We have provided a large selection that is available in a variety of colours, with the most common ones being black, grey, and white.

monitor arm

Best Value for Money

Introducing the Gentoo Luna, your solution for optimising workspace flexibility without breaking the bank. Crafted to empower your office environment with unparalleled adaptability, this single flat screen monitor arm prioritises user comfort while offering exceptional value for money.

Experience enhanced versatility with additional horizontal and vertical height adjustability, catering to your unique ergonomic preferences effortlessly. Whether you prefer black, silver, or white, the Luna arm seamlessly integrates into any workspace aesthetic, ensuring both functionality and style.

With its one-touch height adjustment and quick-release, removable VESA mounting plate, the Luna arm simplifies screen positioning, allowing you to effortlessly find your ideal viewing angle. Say goodbye to cumbersome installations—the Luna arm offers quick and easy setup, freeing up valuable desk space for enhanced productivity.

Equipped with both desk clamp and grommet hole fittings, the Luna arm provides flexible installation options to suit your workspace layout. Plus, with a robust weight capacity of up to 10kg on each arm, rest assured that your monitor is securely supported, promoting a clutter-free and organised workspace.

Upgrade your office setup with the Gentoo Luna and unlock a new level of comfort, functionality, and affordability.

Best for Style

Introducing the Elite Flex, a pinnacle of ergonomic design and functional style within our accessories lineup. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, its range boasts four distinct products, each featuring two folding links that enhance flexibility and adaptability.

Elevate your workspace with the post-mounted configuration, offering seamless integration with either manual post height adjustment or convenient front-end monitor height adjustment. Choose between a sleek clamp or a sturdy bolt-through desk fixing, available in sophisticated Silver or pristine White finishes, to perfectly complement your aesthetic preference.

For those seeking optimal productivity, our double unit option effortlessly accommodates two monitor screens, providing unparalleled versatility. Additionally, the rail-mounted arm is tailor-made for screens equipped with management rails, ensuring seamless organisation and efficiency.

Whether you're striving for a minimalist aesthetic or aiming to make a bold statement, the Elite Flex is designed to meet your needs. Experience the epitome of style and functionality, all with the ease of self-assembly, as you revolutionise your workspace with this unparalleled accessory.

monitor desk mount
monitor arms

Best for Functionality

Introducing the Metalicon Kardo Quad, designed for seamless functionality in both home and office environments. Crafted with a sturdy 700mm high pole, this innovative arm effortlessly accommodates up to four screens, each with a width of up to 27 inches and weighing up to 8kg (32kg total).

It offers versatility with its installation options, featuring both a pre-assembled desk edge clamp and through desk fixing, perfect for utilisation with port holes. Its quick-release VESA mounting plates ensure hassle-free setup without the need for any tools, streamlining the installation process.

Experience convenience like never before with the one-touch height adjustment feature, allowing you to customise the positioning of your screens effortlessly. The simplicity of its design not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures durability, making it discreet yet robust, built to withstand the test of time.

Available in sleek black, stylish grey, and pristine white, it seamlessly integrates with any workspace aesthetic. Plus, with a 5-year warranty, you can trust in its reliability and performance for years to come. Elevate your workspace experience with the Metalicon Kardo Quad.

Laptop Holders

It is possible to add a laptop holder to the monitor arm desk mounts, which will allow the arms to hold both your laptop and your screens. This will provide you with even more space to work with, which is beneficial for employees who use laptops rather than desktop computers at their desks. There are universal attachments that can be used with laptops, allowing them to function with a variety of screen holders. If you’d like to find out more about our monitor desk mounts, or would like to enquire about stock, you can call one of the team on 01480 220311 who will be on hand to help with your query.

laprtop holders

Why Use Office Furniture Direct?

Office furniture direct offers several advantages that make it a preferable choice for many businesses:

  • Cost Savings: Purchasing office furniture directly from the manufacturer or a wholesale distributor often eliminates the middleman markup, resulting in cost savings for the buyer.
  • Customisation Options: Direct suppliers may offer more customisation options, allowing businesses to tailor furniture to their specific needs in terms of size, color, materials, and design.
  • Quality Assurance: Working directly with the manufacturer or a trusted distributor can provide assurance of the quality of the furniture. This is particularly important for businesses looking for durable, long-lasting office furniture.
  • Faster Delivery: By cutting out intermediaries, office furniture direct suppliers can often offer quicker delivery times, ensuring that businesses receive their furniture promptly and can set up their workspaces without delay.
  • Direct Communication: Direct purchasing allows for clearer communication between the buyer and the supplier, facilitating the exchange of information regarding specifications, delivery schedules, and any other requirements.
  • Support and Warranty: Direct suppliers typically offer better support services and warranties compared to retailers, ensuring that businesses receive assistance if issues arise with the furniture after purchase.

Overall, opting for office furniture direct can lead to a smoother purchasing process, cost savings, greater customisation options, and better assurance of quality and support.

Delivery Times

Delivery times for our products vary depending on which range you are purchasing. Each range and individual product state their estimated delivery time during checkout. We deliver to most UK locations with free delivery as standard. To discuss delivery details, call us on 01480 220311. We also offer an optional nationwide installation service. This is a completely optional service where if you choose to make use of it, our fully trained installers will install the furniture in the locations that you choose as well as disposing of any packaging in an environmentally friendly manner.