Gentoo Office Chairs

Gentoo offers a wide range of varying types of chairs. The brand strives for quality, comfort and practicality, shown through the diversity in their product design and features. The range includes operator chairs and task chairs as well as cantilever chairs and meeting room chairs. More bespoke options such as kneeling stools and the high-end fabric collection are also available. All the Gentoo models are ideal for the modern office and will help your company build a healthy work place as well as the best possible first impression for visitors.

Operator Chairs

This vast assembly of chairs are durable and multi-functional. The fabric upholstery is easy to clean and the colour can be chosen to suit your office design. The contoured seat has deep foam padding in the cushion for lumbar support.

The seat can have castors or glides, both providing a level and stable platform for healthy working. The functions of the model can be access through the multiple levers under the seat. Adjust the height, tilt and backrest depth of the seat. In many models the adjustable options can be fixed or set to free floating. The gas lift in the base of the seat improves weight resistance and comfort.

Optional fixed loop or level arms or available for the operator chair range. They have a long-lasting quality, backed by their long warranty.

Task Chairs and Executive Chairs

Suitable for more intensive working environments. Task chairs and executive chairs offer great comfort and functionality, through the deep foam and levers. Adjustable arms improve lumbar support with the arms able to be set to the optimal tailored position. The back panel can be a mesh fabric, which has ventilation ideal for busy warm offices. Executive chairs are often leather, comfort and the ideal style ensured. Choose from a range of designs and shapes to suit the needs of the user and the work place. Many models feature a headrest which helps support the neck, ideal for sedentary workers over long hours.

Cantilever Chairs

A type of chair with a one-piece curved leg shape, offering strength and flex. The cantilever is a multi-purpose chair suitable for a range of settings, such as the home, office or waiting rooms. A designer look for those on a budget, the tough and hard-wearing armrests are found on most models. They feature feet for a stable working platform as well as many adjustable options. With a range of shapes and sizes, the Gentoo cantilever collection caters to any office work place.

Heavy Duty Chairs and 24 Hour Chairs

A chair for busy work places with a plethora of ergonomic features. The best option for improved lumbar support to seated workers over long hours. It is available in either a durable fabric or a mesh backrest. The models offer superior comfort as the best possible platform for great work.

Health issues are rising and proven to be drawn from the extended stillness of sedentary work. Take your own welfare under your control by using the most advanced chairs. With adjustable height, tilt and depth, as well as optimal posture and head alignment, Gentoo chairs are a healthy and comforting option.

Conference Chairs and Meeting Room Chairs

Gentoo have a selection of chairs suited to the reception area or the meeting room. Often the first piece of furnishing visitors to the workplace will encounter, the waiting rooms chairs offer comfort and luxury. Many of the chairs are contoured and have four legs with great stability. The chairs help create a calm and relaxed setting, aiding co-operation. The cantilever meeting room chairs are strong and durable. Many of the chairs are stackable and easy to store. They will not deteriorate over time and offer a long lasting solution. A range of colours and styles are available to suit your office.

Kneeling Chairs

A different option for home users, writers or artists. The keeling chair can be height adjusted, remaining comfortable and practical. Easy to store and clean, the cushion padding is comforting and the leg lengths and colour is tailorable. Self-assembly is required and delivery is free as standard for all products from Office Furniture Direct.

The Bespoke Range

With colourful fabrics and the optional armrests, the wide range of bespoke chairs from Gentoo ensure the best furnishings. Crossing a range of categories, our bespoke collection caters to the needs of any professional. Whether they’re working from home or from a busy office. The soft-touch fabric is colourful and engaging. We offer a range of armrest styles, including fixed or adjustable, loop or flat, padded or solid. We also offer high back models and detachable headrests. Choose your design and be confident in its comfort; our products are guaranteed and won’t spoil over time.

Try before you buy with Gentoo’s sample service. It allows buyers to use the product for up to a week to ensure the product suits the space and the user’s needs. Investing in a chair for everyday use is an important decision; test driving the chair guarantees satisfaction with every purchase.

Customer reviews


Albert Jewell
20 June 2019 20:54

Gentoo Eclipse 2 Chair With Loop Arms

The assembly instructions were not all that clear and seemed to be dated. Easy and effective to use in our smallish garden.

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Delivered courteously to time and in a satisfactory condition.

Fantastic to hear, thank you very much for the great review of our service.


Trusted Customer
30 May 2019 09:45

Gentoo Blitz Executive Leather Chair

Comfortable chair, a little squeaky.

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Good quality products, friendly delivery team.

Thank you very much for the really fantastic review.


Trusted Customer
2 May 2019 22:45

Gentoo Eclipse 2 Lever Operator Chair without Arms

Excellent chair. Very pleased. Easy to assemble.

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Excellent service. Good product.

Thank you very much for the great feedback.


Trusted Customer
4 January 2019 07:50

Gentoo Eclipse 2 Lever Operator Chair without Arms

great product, will buy again.

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excellent service, great product.

Fantastic to hear, thank you very much for the great review.


Trusted Customer
9 September 2018 17:46

Gentoo Blitz Executive Leather Chair

Quality goods, excellent price.

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Painless shopping experience. Pleased with the quality of the chair.

The Gentoo Blitz Executive Leather Chair is a fantastic chair, thank you for the great review.