Gentoo Office Furniture

Gentoo is a leading brand in UK based furniture, providing nationally sourced products to residents and offices nation-wide. Born out of a desire to improve the market standard of office furnishing solutions, Gentoo products are premium quality but supplied at competitive prices.

Their wide product range aims to cover all aspects of office refurbishment, offering a full furniture outfit with matching products for an attractive modern aesthetic. Gentoo offers the opportunity to customise your purchases, assisted by their excellent customer service, helping you achieve the exact office design envisioned.

Gentoo offer great product bundles and exclusive deals, pushing for the best prices on popular items, determined to equip professional offices with the furnishings they deserve up and down the country.

Gentoo Chairs

Gentoo‘s diverse range of chairs are designed to ensure long lasting comfort. Their operator collection offers multiple functions including height adjustment and tilt action. The chairs feature durable fabric upholstery or a styled leather surface for the executive look. The brand also provides heavy duty variants for extra stability as well as lighter conference chairs which are a preferred bulk buy for conference and waiting rooms.

Try before you buy with Gentoo’s sample service. It allows prospective purchasers to use the product for up to a week, ensuring the product suits the space and the user’s requirements. Investing in a chair for everyday use is an important decision; test driving the chair guarantees satisfaction with every purchase.

Gentoo Desks

The comprehensive desk range from Gentoo shows an awareness of the needs of modern office workers. Offering both cantilever and panel end desks of varying shapes, the brand’s variety ensures it has the desk catering to each user.

Office desks need to be multifunctional, durable and stylish, yet the Gentoo collection also offers adjustable feet and shelves, protective edges and interior cable management. They also offer more bespoke models, including bench desks which make the most of a sizeable office space, and height adjustable desks which possess a memory electronic rise function controlling the length of their telescopic legs. Whether you are furnishing the boardroom, bullpen or home workstation, Gentoo desks will maximise potential through their superior design.

Gentoo Social Furniture

Alternative to their in-office assortment, Gentoo also offers social seating ideal for waiting rooms, receptions and breakaway areas. They supply a reception desk which is perfect for impressing clients and visitors; its high gloss effect presents a touch of class whilst remaining within the bounds of an office budget. They also provide coffee tables which are lower than standard tables and are water and heat resistant. Easy to clean and ethically made out of recyclable materials, the coffee tables are an excellent addition to any reception area.

Gentoo also supply a range of modular furniture, named Infinity after the infinite amount of tessellation possibilities. They feature three variants, single backed, double backed and single cube which doubles as a magazine or newspaper table. Often the first items visitors encounter, waiting room chairs offer a comfortable platform for collaboration and creativity, ensuring a positive first impression. Gentoo also delivers premium armchairs and sofas which are suitable for a professional office; they are useful for breakout areas and as casual corner office or meeting room furnishings.

Overall, Gentoo’s diverse collection of furniture can outfit all aspects of a property, establishing a modern attractive aesthetic. Invest in the Gentoo brand for nationally sourced and manufactured furnishings delivered free of charge straight to your UK residence.

Gentoo Storage Furniture

Matching the aesthetic of Gentoo’s everyday collection, their range of storage units provide a secure, practical solution for storing important papers. The Gentoo pedestals can be either mobile or free-standing and fit perfectly with the brand’s desk range. They are a durable, robust product ideal for administrative stationary and papers to be kept within reach. These items are able to be bulk bought for an attractive price and bundles are available with certain desks for a full outfit.

The cupboards are exceptionally secure whilst remaining elegant and suitable for the workspace. The bookcase has thick durable wood panels available in five finishes an ideal outfit for any office and a suitable solution for storing books and files. Many Gentoo storage facilities need to be self-assembled however they offer a full installation service separate to free standard delivery.