Sit & Stand Desking

March 20, 2017 Jake

Are you sitting comfortably?

Sit & Stand computer workstations are the latest innovation in the world of desk design, combining ergonomic form with considerable style.

The ergonomic advice is clear – sitting down for long periods during your working day is simply not good for you. Sit & Stand desks are immensely comfortable and have been proven overall to be a healthier alternative to more conventional office furniture.

Sit & Stand office desking can help correct posture alignment whilst promoting many health benefits including:

  • Elevates blood flow to the brain
  • Optimises productivity
  • Reduces risk of heart disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, general aches and pains and other chronic illnesses
  • Promotes healthier spine & joints
  • Increases lifespan

Choose from a wide range of gas or electric adjustable Sit & Stand desks .

To discuss your sit/stand (height adjustable) desk solution requirements or to request your onsite consultation please email: or tel: 01480 220311.

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