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Office Furniture Direct has hand-selected the most popular and well-reviewed home office furniture. We are hoping employees will benefit from our excellent free delivery and next day delivery options. Staying happy, healthy and productive when working from home requires great ergonomic furniture.

Our home office desks are suitable for any room in the home, providing both a practical and stylish home office solution. They use sustainably sourced materials which offers an attractive look and feel with a natural wood finish. The home office desks can be dleivered to anywhere in the UK mainland with installation optional.

Our home office chairs are comfortable and include a range of adjustable features. The home office chairs can have a leather, fabric or mesh back; each material is long-lasting and holds an excellent guarantee. Task chairs feature height adjustable, headrests and armrests; ideal for sitting to work at home over long periods. Spinal and lumbar support helps reduce back, neck and shoulder pain. An ergonomic office chair is the best solution for effective remote working.

Office Furniture Direct offers free delivery and next day delivery on all home office products. Delivery and installation is available to anywhere in the UK.

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