Height Adjustable Desks

A wide range of different styles of height adjustable desks, all available with free delivery to meet a diverse spectrum of criteria. With up to 7 different finishes available on most of these desks and matching furniture also available, they are a stylish and practical asset to any office.

Our extensive range allows you to consider styles that work well within your office environment - maximising space and utilising your office and staff to the maximum potential. All height adjustable desking has an excellent manufacturers guarantee and are of an outstanding quality.

Gentoo Range (Next Day Delivery)

Dynamic Height Adjustable Desk (3- 5 Day Delivery)

Elite Height Adjustable Desks (Electrically Operated ) - (10-20 Day Delivery)

Elite Height Adjustable Desks (Manually Operated) - (10-20 Day Delivery)

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