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Give your office a fresh look with our great collection of high quality office desks. All our desks are available at affordable prices to suit every style and budget. Our range of products allows you to consider styles that work well within your office, home or any other environment.

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Our collections are available with matching items to design your office space with the style you want. We are pleased to be able to offer matching products in each collection. This includes storage options such as pedestals and filing cabinets giving you plenty of room. This makes sure that your office furniture fits perfectly, creating the ideal office.

Our Desks

We offer a wide variety of desks, each having a different use in different environments. Below we will tell you a little about each type, what it is used for and which environments it is best suited to.


These can be used in most spaces and are the most common type available. These are available with a variety of options such as size (height, width, and depth), colour, legs, and modesty panels.


As the name would suggest, these are ideal for making use of corner spaces in your office or workplace. They can also be used for staff who need more space to work or can be put together to form a bank of work desks.

Wave Desks

This particular model is more ergonomically designed, thus allowing the user to get closer to a computer monitor and sit with a posture that is ergonomically correct posture and does not strain their body.

Height Adjustable Desks

These types allow your team members to either sit or stand. They provide benefits such as reduction in back pain and an increase in productivity levels.

Panel End Desks

These models have a solid wood panel on the end which allows people to store things within the foot space without upsetting the aesthetics of the office. They are also modern and stylish.


These models are intended to provide a large workspace area for multiple users. They can hold multiple PC’s and monitors and can be accessorised with monitor arms and CPU holders.

Call Centre & Cluster

Cluster desks have been designed for departments and teams where interaction and communication are essential, such as a call centre, hence why they are referred to as such.

Home Office Desks

As we all move a lot closer to working from home, the need for office furniture that is suitable for the home has increased many times over. We offer wide range of options that are fit for purpose in the home to be used for work.

Choosing the Right Option

The first step when choosing is to consider what it will be used for. The different properties will lend themselves to different situations and lines of work.

If you work from a home office, an adjustable or computer desk which fits in your available space may be the best option. Height adjustable models allow you to change between sitting and standing. They are designed to improve your productivity as well as your well-being.

If you are catering for a group of people who work closely together, clusters are the perfect option. They make the best use of the space as they allow workers to face each other and communicate easily. These products are great for call centres or customers service centres.

Choosing the Right Size

Next step, selecting the right size. Measure out the space that you are planning to use and consider the adjacent walls, windows as well as room for a chair or standing mat if they are also required.

Many of the products in our selection of office desks feature drawers, an easy-to-use storage facility which could save you space and time. We also offer corner desks with the same look and feel. They are available in a crescent shape or reflex shape.

Bench desks are a great way of filling your office space as they can be pushed together to create a larger work area. Bench desks can be quite versatile as they feature desk extensions as well as wire management trays. We can offer a variety of colours with the option of a desk divider for privacy

Choice of Legs

We offer a wide range of leg shapes and styles with excellent functionality. The twin cantilever legs provide improved support for the desk as well as the benefit of increased leg space. Cable managed legs are great way to organise the many cables powering your phones and computers. Our cable managed ranges are easy to assemble and allow for a discreet cable-free office.

Our 'I' frame legs are perfect for meeting rooms and conference suites as they allow many seats to fit comfortably. We also provide ‘H’ frame legs and ‘A’ frame legs depending upon the look and feel you prefer.

A popular choice for our customers is the desks with adjustable legs. Designed to blend into the modern office, our collection can alter between 650mm to 1280mm. We offer rectangular and double bench models to suit your needs. The models are great for improving your posture whilst at work as well as your overall efficiency.

Choice of Modesty Panels

Modesty panels are the boards covering or replacing the legs. Often made of wood or plastic, they are useful in case you plan to shield legs, ankles, or feet from view. They can also be used to store items such as bags or equipment while also keeping the office looking tidy.

Our two-tone panels are also excellent for improving the look and feel of your office space.

Found the desk that’s right for you? We offer a full installation service across the UK. You can select the installation service at the checkout stage. If you wish to discuss installation options further, please call us on 01480 220311.

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Frequently asked questions

We offer a full installation service across mainland UK. You can select the installation service at the checkout stage. Alternatively, call us on 01480 220311 to discuss your requirements.

Most products will need to be assembled. Assembly instructions are provided with each item, in some cases videos will be available to guide you through the process. Some items will come fully assembled, however, all products will state if they require assembly or not.

Yes, all our products come with a minimum of one-year warranty. Certain items will offer warranties which range from two to ten years. Warranties are stated on each product under the “Specifications” tab in the product description.