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How to Choose the Perfect Office Desk

May 23, 2019 Paul

How to choose the perfect desk

When setting up a new space or refurbishing an old one, the desk is a vital component and getting it right is important. But with so many different desk designs on the market at the moment it can be difficult to know which desk is best.

Knowing the options available is the first step to knowing what you want and then choosing your perfect desk. We break this down into three areas to help you choose the perfect desk for your office.


Crucially, choose a desk which fits your workspace. Whether you are finding a replacement or furnishing a new office, knowing the needs of the space is a must. A desk too large is a waste and might not fit in the space, a desk too small looks odd and prevents you from working to your full capacity.

Maximise your productivity by selecting a top which suits your working style. This could involve a corner desk which offers plenty of room for those who like to spread out and visualise their work. Ideal for multiple monitors, corner desks can have either a curved corner or a sharp angle, great for making the most out of the office space.

Alternatively, the wave desk could be more suitable, featuring a shallow inlet appropriate for mouse users. The cut of the desk can be customised to meet the preferences of left or right handed workers, with the top shape often proving an attractive and comfortable solution.

Many desks are shaped for a specific purpose. Cluster desks provide multiple workers with their own space whilst keeping them within reach of their colleagues. This helps promote cooperation and communication, ideal for call centres and educational facilities. Bench desks are also great for multiple users, an affordable one piece solution where sections can be separated with divider screens.

However, the traditional rectangular desk is the most popular and most sought after desk shape. It is versatile and straight-forward, discreetly blending in with the aesthetic of many office spaces. Many furnishers choose to customise their desk in other ways rather than experimenting with the shape.


The size and style of the desk’s legs can drastically impact the overall look of an office space. A range of designs are available, each offering their own advantages.

Cantilever legs are a sturdy option which offers excellent leg space and freedom of movement. They can be single or twin, providing a subtle frame and ensuring full visibility. Whereas, confidentiality can be prioritised through the selection of panel end legs. Choosing this option guarantees privacy and allows for the space beneath the desk be used as storage without affecting the aesthetic of the room.

Certain desks such as height adjustable desks, feature telescopic legs which allow the user to choose the height of the desk. This feature is an immediate way of optimising your seating position, proven to deliver a series of health benefits. Switching between sitting and standing working positions has shown to be the healthiest option, involving movement within the average workday.

The most advanced table legs employ improved stability features such as anti-rock levels and memory-locked electronic rise functions. If you require an office desk which can be personalised to your needs or can cater to multiple users, then consider the advantages of different desk legs types.


Desks in the modern age need to be both attractive and functional; being able to keep the workstation tidy and clutter free is a priority among office workers. A feature to consider are under-desk storage solutions, which include filings draws and mobile pedestals. Draws are welded to the desk’s frame, offering multiple shallow and sizeable draws. The storage solutions can act as effective modesty panels, sacrificing leg room for excellent administrative stationary and utensil storage.

One of the latest developments in desk storage design involves cable management; channelling electrical wires from top to floor through the legs of the desk. This addition helps keep wiring organised and safely tucked away, ultimately improving the neatness of the office to the benefit of both users and visitors.

Considering these three factors of table shape, leg design and storage, you will be able to choose the perfect desk for your needs.

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